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ESL Mortgage Closing Cost Estimator

Use this calculator to estimate your closing costs on a mortgage. Actual costs may vary. These estimates are based on properties located within Monroe County.

ESL Mortgage Closing Cost Estimator Definitions

Loan amount
Total amount of mortgage.
Application fee
Fixed fee for your application.
Appraisal fee
Fixed fee to appraise the property for this mortgage.
Underwriting fee
Fixed fee for underwriting this mortgage.
Tax service fee
Fixed fee for tax service on this mortgage.
Flood certification fee
Fixed fee for flood certification on this mortgage
Credit report fee
Fixed fee for your credit report for the mortgage application.
Employment reverification fee
Fixed fee to for employment reverification.
Settlement fee to ESL
Fixed settlement fee for ESL.
Title insurance
Cost of title insurance for your mortgage. This is a calculated value depending on your loan amount.
Recording fees (Deed & Mortgage)
Fixed fee to record your deed and mortgage.
State mortgage tax
State mortgage tax is calculated based on the amount of your mortgage.
Equalization/Capital gains affidavits
Fixed fee for equalization/capital gains affidavits.