Instructions and Resources


For notes on our latest update, please visit: Update Instructions 3/31/2019

For calculator instructions and information please see: Calculator FAQs

A few quick steps to better understand your calculators:

  1. Take 2 minutes and watch this: Dinkytown Calculator Deployment Overview

  2. For a NEW installation: Download the KJECalc.exe or to extract or unzip all files for your deployment. Make a directory on your website to put all files that were extracted.

  3. To UPDATE your installation: Download the KJEUpdate.exe or to extract or unzip all files to update your deployment. Copy all files into your existing deployment directory on your server, repacing any existing files with the same name. This will only replace files that you canít customize.

  4. Use these instructions to embedd a calculator on a page:
    Embed a Calculator Into an Existing HTML Page

  5. Edit the KJESiteSpecific.js and KJESiteSpecific.css files to change the fonts, colors and setting of the calculators. Use this for more instrucitons:
    Customize FAQ

For best results use Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Mac OS X Safari.