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2022 Updates and Enhancements

2022 brings another round of changes to almost everything financial. Rules, regulations, taxes and more have been updated to reflect our new year. Please see below for an overview of all of the 2022 updates and enhancements.

  • Improved Graphic Interface
    1. New side-by-side viewing option for improved use of wide screens
    2. New graph format for improved readability
    3. Improved help and additional functions menu navigation for keyboard only use
    4. Refined resizing on desktop browsers with better resizing when maximizing the screen.
    5. Expanded use of "More+" buttons to all calculators with lists of Credit Cards, Auto Loans and Other Loans.

  • New and Updated content for 2022.
    1. Update tax tables for 2022 payroll and tax calculators
    2. Updated definitions for all 2022 rules, regulations and changes
    3. New calculators for 2022

    1. RMD and Beneificary RMD updates and compliance with the Secure Act, Cares Act and new Life Expectancy Tables.

    2. Updated Social Security Calculations for 2022.

    3. Updated Health Savings Account (HSA) Calculators for 2022

    4. 1040 Tax Estimator for 2021

    5. U.S. Easy Tax Estimator for 2021

    6. Marginal and Effective Tax Rates 2021

    7. Updated Payroll and withholding calculators for 2022

    8. Updated Retirement Planning, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, 401(k), 403(b) and additional tax deferred savings calculators for 2022