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Cuestionario de inversión

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Muchos expertos consideran que el éxito de la inversión a largo plazo depende más de la forma de asignar los activos entre las diversas clases, que de los títulos específicos en que se invierte. La siguiente herramienta de asignación de activos le permitirá identificar la combinación de efectivo, bonos y acciones que mejor se adapte a su estilo personal y su experiencia de inversión. Estas combinaciones son sólo ejemplos, y no recomendaciones específicas. Si desea un panorama más detallado de la asignación que corresponderá a sus necesidades y gustos personales, su asesor financiero tiene acceso en línea a un sofisticado software de planificación financiera, y con gusto le ofrecerá un análisis mucho más personalizado.

Cuestionario de inversión Definiciones

Investment questions
Answer the investment questions as accurately as possible. Each answer has an assigned point value. The total points generated from all answers is used to determine the type of investment profile with the best match. Please note that this should be used only as a starting point for your investment strategy and allocation.
Asset classes
This calculator uses three basic asset classes to allocate a portfolio. They are "Cash Equivalent", "Fixed Income" and "Equities". The Cash Equivalent would be assets similar to cash in regards to risk and liquidity. This would include actual cash, FDIC insured CDs, mutual fund money market accounts and other similar investments. Fixed Income would involve assets that are primarily designed to produce long-term income but little to no growth. This asset class is limited to bonds, bond funds and other similar low volatility income producing assets. Equities refers to stocks and stock funds that may produce income but are largely invested for their growth prospects. This asset class usually includes both dividend and non-dividend paying stocks, even if the dividends produce a significant amount of income.
Investor Profile
The suggested investor profile provides a guide to your allocation between "Cash Equivalent", "Fixed Income" and "Equities" investment classes.
Important information about this allocation
This investor profile questionnaire is designed to assist you in identifying the type of investor you are and is not intended to take the place of professional advice. The suggested asset allocations contained herein depend on subjective factors such as your risk tolerance and financial situation. For this reason, you should view them only as general guidelines as to how you might consider investing your retirement savings. On a regular basis, consider discussing your financial future with a qualified professional advisor. The investment returns represented in the questionnaire are based on historic returns and are not intended to indicate future performance. It is important to review historic returns of short-term investments, bonds, and stocks carefully over various holding periods to see if you can accept the level of risk in a given investment mix.