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Tax-Equivalent Distribution with Depletion and Depreciation

This calculator will estimate the tax-equivalent distribution (TED) for an investment with Depletion and Depreciation. This calculator shows a hypothetical distribution and its impact on tax equivalent distributions.

Tax-Equivalent Distribution with Depletion and Depreciation Definitions

Distribution before taxes
This is the annual distribution.
Portion of distributions that is not taxed from Depletion/Depreciation
This is the percent of the distributions that represent Depletion/Depreciation of the assets. Depletion/Depreciation is the portion of the distribution is not taxed in the current year, but instead reduces the cost basis of shares.
Estimated taxable income
This is your total income, after exemptions, adjustments, and deductions. We use this, along with your filing status, to determine your marginal income tax rate. You can use last year's tax return as a guide to what your taxable income will be for the current year. Your taxable income can be found on your income tax form 1040 or 1040A. Make sure to increase or decrease the amount to compensate for any changes to your current year's taxable income.
Federal tax filing status
This is used, along with your taxable income, to determine your Federal marginal income tax rate. The table below lists the Federal income tax rates by income and filing status. We use this table to determine your marginal Federal income tax rate. **TAXTABLE_CURRENT_DEFINITION**
Federal income tax rate
Your marginal federal income tax rate for your selected taxable income and filing status. Please not that is only an estimate and could be higher or lower depending on the specifics of your individual income tax return.