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Maintenance Update 03 31 2002

Calculator update notes for 3-31-2002

Financial Calculator Update 03/31/2002

The quarterly update for 03/31/2002 contains quite a few changes, but no required (and only one optional) HTML change. If you have updated your calculators to the 12/31/2001 release (the release just prior to this one), this update can be accomplished by simply replacing your "class" files and "dinkytown.jar" file.

If you have not updated your calculators in a while, you will need to review our 12/31/2001 update: 12/31/2002 Update to make the appropriate HTML changes required. (The 03/31/2002 update includes all changes included in previous updates, you do not need to download any other updates to have the most current versions of all of the calculator components. You may, however, need to implement manual HTML changes required by previous updates if you have not installed them.)

Update instructions:

  1. Download the latest version of your calculators from your download site, found on your update e-mail notice.
  2. Execute the Calc.exe file from your download. This is a self-extracting zip file. (Or unzip the Calc.zip file if you are using a non-windows platform.)
  3. When prompted for a directory, you may use the default of "java" or enter your own. It is recommended that you extract the update to a new directory and then move the required files to your production environment. One directory will be created. It will have three subdirectories.
  4. Replace the contents of your current KJEgui, KJEgraph and KJEcalculation directories with the new version
  5. Replace your current dinkytown.jar file with the new version
  6. Replace all files with the extension "class" with the new versions
  7. Make required changes to any HTML documents as describe later in this document.

If you have NOT made any changes to the HTML Files used in your deployment you may wish to replace all HTML files with the new versions in your download. If you have made changes to your HTML files, please review the changes below.

To clear your Browser's cache:

When you test the new version of the calculators, make sure that the browser you are using uses the new files instead of any it may have in its cache. You may need to clear the browser's cache manually to ensure the new versions are loaded.

Internet Explorer:

Chose "Internet Options" under the "Tools" menu and on the "General" tab click on the "Delete Files…" button.


Chose "Prefrences…" under the "Edit" menu. Click on the "Advanced" category and then "Cache" option which appears under it. Click the "Clear Memory Cache" button, then click the "Clear Disk Cache" button.)

Master Changes (no HTML changes required in this update)

  1. All calculators now correctly print in Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.x and 6.x. The normal functionality of Internet Explorer would only allow the default values, not the user entered values, to appear in a printed version of the applet. The latest version addreses this issue and allows the applet to correctly print its contents in Internet Explorer.

  2. Core calculator functionality has been again been enhanced to provide improved support for all browser's using Sun's JVM 1.3 or higher. This includes Netscape 6.0 and above (all platforms), Mac IE 4.5, Mac IE 5.x and above for OS 9 and OS X.

  3. All calculators have been enhanced to provide better and much more efficient recalculation. Each calculator will now recalculate only when a data change has occurred in a field, a when a radio button or checkbox is selected or when a push button is pressed. Recalculation occurs, if required, when a user exits a window component with keyboard navigation or by clicking on another field in the calculator. Previous versions would only recalculate automatically when the tab key or enter key was pressed and did not test for data changes.

Updates that require modifications to HTML documents

    No calculators require HTML modifications for this update

Other Updates

  1. College savings calculator:The college savings calculator has a few definitions updated to included the most recent school costs. These updates are found in CollegeSavings.html. To update your definitions move the definitions from the new download to your copy of the CollegeSavings.html