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Maintenance Update 09 30 2017


The Sept. 30th update for 2017 is limited to fixes, enhancements and ADA refinements (except for the 72T calculators listed below). This update is optional for Version 3, unless you have received instructions from us. All updates are cumulative, by skipping this limited update any changes to your package will be included in the next update release. To view the previous update package please see Calculator Update 6/30/2017.

Update instructions:

  1. Download the latest version of your calculator update from your download site, found on your update e-mail notice.
  2. Run the update package (KJEUpdate.exe). This is a self-extracting zip file. (Or unzip the KJEUpdate.zip file if you are using a non-windows platform.)
  3. When prompted for a directory, you may use the default or enter your own. It is recommended that you extract the update to a new directory and then move the required files to your production environment. One directory will be created with no subdirectories.
  4. Copy the new files to your current deployment, replacing files with identical files names with the new ones.

If you wish, you can download the full calculator package from the same location, and refresh all files provided by KJE for your calculators. This package includes any site specific changes done for you by KJE, but will not include any customizations by you or your web-developers. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this new update package.

Master Changes (affects all V3 calculators):

  1. Numerous fine-tuning adjustments to the V3 core deployment. If you have been provided a refresh of your calculator package previously in September of 2017, you will have already received these changes.

  2. Continued ADA improvements and fine-tuning.

  3. Minor CSS changes for better WordPress and Drupal support

  4. Slider help text fix to display proper character accents when hovering over slider control

  5. Mobile screen fine-tuning of wider tables for a better display on screens in portrait mode

Calculator specific updates:

  • 72T Calculator, 72T Distribution Impact: (Retire72T.html, Retire72T2.html, Retire72Alt.html), SPRetire72T.html, SPRetire72Alt): The default "Reasonable interest rate" has been changed to 2.22% to reflect 120% of the current Federal Mid-Term rate as of October 2017. The link in the definitions to the IRS website has also been updated to https://apps.irs.gov/app/picklist/list/federalRates.html

    The SEPP table content has been updated for better Mobile device viewing:

    SEPP Life Expectancy Options
    Uniform LifetimeThis is a non-sex based table developed by the IRS to simplify minimum distribution requirements. The uniform lifetime table estimates joint survivorship, but does not use your beneficiary's age to determine the resulting life expectancy. This table can be used by all account owners regardless of marital status or selected beneficiary.
    Single Life ExpectancyThis is a non-sex based life expectancy table. This table does not use your beneficiary's age to calculate your life expectancy. This table can be used by all account owners regardless of marital status or selected beneficiary. Choosing single life expectancy will produce the highest distribution of the three available life expectancy tables.
    Joint Life ExpectancyThis is also a non-sex based life expectancy table for determining joint survivorship using your oldest named beneficiary.